The privacy of our readers is important to us and for transparency we have put together the information below to keep you informed.

Website Logs and IP Addresses
Baby Deals UK is run with a server on the backend like all websites for hosting pages and files, this has log files that contain information about our visitors. This includes mainly details for stats like date/time visited, length of stay on one of our pages, referring website, your IP address, etc. As we mentioned, this is mainly for statistics and to help provide a better experience for Baby Deals UK visitors.

We may use cookies on Baby Deals UK to store session details when visiting our pages and this is to help with certain tasks like delivering advertisements relevant to readers and also forms.

Links To Other External Websites
We will link to other pages on the Internet on occasion within the pages on Baby Deals UK, especially popular retailers where you’re able to purchase baby products, although the content and privacy policies on these sites are the responsibility of their respective owners.

We do on occasion use third-party advertising companies to serve ads like Google on Baby Deals UK, once again these third parties may use some information to improve their services to you with related advertisements. This won’t include the likes of your name, email address, telephone number, etc.

You can learn about opting out of such practices and learn about your options at Network Advertising and also on the Google policies page.